Monday Madness

“Monday Madness” is the only possible explanation I can come up with for the end of this game…

Once again I took on the role of the noble Soviet Union against the imperialist American aggressors!!

Europe: I decided to go for Europe again this game. When I first started playing TS I would always leave it be as “too hard” or expensive to go for. However, recently I’ve triedat levitra bestellen it a bit more. Particularly as the USSR, who stand to get some free influence in Eastern Europe (Warsaw Pact, Romanian Abdication to name a couple) to help out, it makes some sense to take a crack at France and see how much resistance you get. I took domination of Europe early, but it was only scored once (which was obviously unfortunate).

Asia: Much like in the last game where I was able to do this, Kyle’s control of Iran plus holding Indo-Pakistani War freed him up to aggressively take over Asia, which he did with gusto. I was more thoroughly routed in Asia than I have ever been and it was scored twice for +8 points at least. Ugly. I didn’t have a lot of opportunity to correct this, but I really need to try and find a way. The cherry on top was, of course, Southeast Asia Scoring for +4VP to the US… (Note to self: find an appropriate cherryontop.jpg to use for such situations…)

Middle East: I wasn’t ever able to keep and hold Middle East battlegrounds long enough to look at locking it down for domination. I had to settle for hemming Kyle into just the battlegrounds, and hanging on via country count. That still results in +VPs for him when scored (approximately infinite more VP than I’d prefer)!! With one of my Middle East countries being Egypt and Sadat looming, I’m not loving my position. I made another play at it later in the game by headlining Muslim Revolution (awesome card!!) but he had headlined the scoring card which didn’t allow me to swoop in as planned!! Burned!

Early War Summary: I’m not too happy with my position in the Early War regions at this stage in the game. I have a slight edge in Europe, but that is unlikely to kick around until the end of the game due to the strength of the US late war cards in Europe. I’m totally wrecked in Asia (again). The Middle East is a draw, but just barely. On the bright side I’m well expanded into the Mid War regions, and can look forward to total ownage down there! Right? Right?!?! Right.

Map at the start of Mid War

Africa: I went ahead again with the route of taking up the highly coupable 1 op African trail. Go for that early and hope you score it before the US plays Colonial Rear Guards!! I did manage to score Africa once for +6 VP’s. Kyle made a push and it was well up in the air as we headed into Late War. Back to the more familiar, highly volatile, Africa that I’m used to in these games!!

Central America: I started Mid War in good position. Between Fidel and a successful Panama coup I was looking ok. Once again Kyle showed his extreme commitment to the region, and over the course of a few turns had me thoroughly re-aligned / coup’d completely out! Eventually I coup’d back into Nicaragua and spread some influence from there, if only to try and secure presence, but also with an eye towards drawing a country count tie for final scoring.

South America: See previous post regarding this region :) . I was in early for full control and a score before Kyle got in for presence. He later spread out some and hung in for presence for the rest of the game. At one point ABM Treaty had him into Argentina with authoritay, but I was luckily able to immediately counter with Brush War to maintain my stranglehold.

Turn 6 board

Mid War Summary: Once again I am not loving my position. I’m ahead in points but the only bright spot is really South America. Asia is a write off. I managed to make some small gains in the Middle East, but it is now just a “closer tie” than it was at the start of Mid War. Europe is still mine, but Late War cards will almost certainly have something to say about that. Africa is back to it’s old self and is anyone’s game. Central America is going to be tough, but not impossible to come back from. I have a good country count there (although 1 oppers), and if I can coup Mexico or Panama it could get interesting.

Turn 8: Kyle uses UN Intervention to get rid of Che without having The China Card at his disposal. Since he now must play his entire hand (due to discarding), and he holds Lone Gunman he loses the game via DEFCON status… Monday Madness…

Turn 8 / end game board

Summary: I was ahead in points but wasn’t sitting pretty in enough areas to feel comfortable. I was definitely hoping to draw Wargames :) Even though I only needed to battle to ties to secure the win, I feel that this game was going to be a close one.

Hands: Still no updates to beautify the hand recap display so here are the links:

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