This was a pretty short game, so I’ll forgo my usual style of summarizing the play within a given region and do a turn by turn recap.

This game could also be a case study in why comparing op counts to determine hand draw quality is not particularly useful without context.

Turn 1:It levitra kopen bij apotheek seems like we both thought the other held Middle East Scoring. We both spent most of our ops trying to secure the Middle East with only a couple spared for Europe and virtually none in Asia. Thanks to a successful late turn coup of Egypt I left the turn with a slight lead.

Turn 2: I draw all 3 Early War scoring cards… Hrmmmm. Having such a low op hand early can lead to terrible board position for potentially the rest of the game. On the bright side I’m looking good in all 3 regions. I headline Vietnam Revolts and spend my first action round putting 2 points into Thailand which (strangely!) is all I need for Asia domination. Ultimately I score Asia and Middle East for domination and Europe for a tie. Kyle had gotten 3 early points from events, so despite this fairly strong scoring round for me, I leave the turn only at +7 VP.

Turn 3: After the reshuffle I draw Asia Scoring again! I score it again as my opener. At this point I’ve spent 1 event (Vietnam Revolts) and 2 ops into Thailand and scored Asia for domination twice and a total of +14VP (roughly). That is a rediculously good ROI that I probably will never see again. However, I am now under the effect of Red Scare/Purge with a low op hand (I only spend 5 ops total over the course of the turn) with Europe Scoring in hand and Mid War looming. Kyle has since dominated in Europe and I resign myself to possibly having to score it for Kyle’s domination. So I use what ops I have to try to start looking to Mid War, and hope he’s forced to play a USSR event that costs him Europe (of which there are a few!). Meanwhile Kyle is left in the unenviable position of drawing Middle East Scoring (where he is dominated) and staring at a 14 VP USSR edge. He proceeds to bludgeon me with ops in the Middle East and I am not able to keep up. He scores it for domination, but luckily during that time I sneak the country count in Europe to a tie and score it for only +1 VP US due to battleground count. A late turn (failed) coup attempt gives me an additional 2 VP, which ends up being critical.

Early War Summary: I leave Early War looking great on VP. My position in the Early War regions isn’t fantastic but they have all been scored so I have plenty of time to either ignore them or catch up later as spare ops allow. I’ve somewhat started my way into the Mid War regions, but my low op count limited my efforts…

Board at the end of Early War

Turn 4: I headline Allende with big plans for Jake’s Wheelhouse (aka: South America). I would do this normally anyways, but I also drew South America Scoring!!! Kyle had headlined OAS Founded providing me with a juicy coup target in Venezuela. I spread out and ultimately score South America for control (typical…). In the meantime Kyle is working on Africa, leading me to suspect he drew Africa Scoring. I don’t have any fantastic in-roads in Africa, but fortunately I have The Cambridge Five and by round 4 I’m convinced he has the scoring card, so I play it for the event. Paydirt!! Now I have an op to spend and putting it in the still-available Nigeria just saved me 2 VP! Thanks to South America I leave the turn with 18 points, domination in Central America and a lead in Southeast Asia.

Turn 5: I draw Southeast Asia Scoring and headline it for the victory!!

Summary: For a game to end this early via +20VP a few things need to come together. Despite my very low op count, I drew the scoring cards I needed, when I needed them (sometimes twice!). Kyle’s turn 5 hand (The Voice of America, Nuclear Subs + a few 4 pointers) had him positioned to make a strong comeback, which would have been very interesting, but it wasn’t meant to be.

Board at the start of turn 5 / end game

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