The Promised Land

Final Scoring! We made it! It took 4.5 hours…. but we made it!!

For the fourth game in a row I am playing the noble and glorious USSR (we roll each game to decide). Read on to see how I spread my communist agenda…

Europe: Europe was hotly contested this game. US took France early so I was forced to keep up via countrycount. cialis tabletten Not a cheap endeavour. In fact I probably could’ve stood to concede Europe and spend the ops elsewhere. Be that as it may, other than a late game push by the US starting with the headlining of Tear Down This Wall (that I was able to fend off) Europe was a tie for for the entire game.

Asia: Despite winning* the early war Iran coup battle I wasn’t able to expand aggressively into Asia like in my previous couple of games. I did however spend some ops to stake my claim early. US bought up Southeast Asia to help with country count. However we both had to tread carefully because the DEFCON status kept Asia coup’s as a possibility for a lot longer than usual. Eventually, thanks to Vietnam Revolts, I was able to slowly creep into India and Pakistan from both sides without making them juicy targets for Indo-Pakistani War and eventually (Turn 4 or 5) secure Asia.

Middle East: After losing Arab-Israeli War I decided to put ops directly into Israel. An unusual move for me, but it ultimately worked well as it helped me secure, at worst, a tie in the Middle East for the entire game. As with Asia we had to tread cautiously at the start, so as to not provide any fat coup targets in 2 op battlegrounds. Middle East remained tied until a Late War Muslim Revolution shook things up a bit. I wasn’t able to use that opportunity to take over Middle East (fires to be put out elsewhere… “So many pies, only so many fingers. You understand.” – DS) I feel the ops spent by the US to re-tie in the Middle East helped me a fair amount.

Map at the end of Early War

Early War Summary: The back and forth Iran coup to start the game resulted in no ops for anyone. While this is an advantage for the USSR it did shape the Early War in some interesting ways. At turn two the DEFCON went to 4 leaving Asia as coupable. As a result we both were treading cautiously around the 2 op battlegrounds in both Asia and the Middle East. My Mid War preparation was mediocre at best. I moved into Algeria early, but other than that I had nothing! I had spent Fidel for ops Early hoping that one of us would re-draw it sooner than later, but it didn’t come back until turn 7! Ugh! Lil’ misstep there on my part…

Africa: My failed coup attempts to get into the Americas forced me to start spreading out in Africa (which isn’t the end of the world by any stretch). I scored it early for domination and we didn’t see it again until the last turn. By then the US had put enough influence down to control the country count, and I never found the time (see previous finger/pies quote) to coup one of the highly coupable African non-battlegrounds. In hindsight I probably should’ve made time for this. Despite every single African country having ops in it, there wasn’t a lot of action. It wasn’t couped often and ultimately was a tie (although still a +3 VP non-domination tie in my favour).

Central America: I struggled mightily in Central America for a while. All of my coup attempts were failures until the end of Mid War. Luckily it was only scored once, and it was after I used Fidel to get in (saving me 3 VP!). After (finally!) getting in, I used Che to stabilize that portion of the region and put myself in striking distance of being able to tie it up via country count.

South America: Kyle made some good adjustments to not get blown out of South America this game. We both took a few different cracks at it over the course of the game, but ultimately it was tied up for the whole thing, with me controlling the southern tip, and US the northern. Not a big factor this game at all.

Map at the end of Mid War

Mid War Summary: I took a slight scoring lead (+7) into Mid War and was able to maintain & creep that up over the course of the turns. The fairly unglamorous route of maintaining ties and squeeking out VP’s from cards, spacing (which is quite rare for me) and military operations left me in a favourable position heading into Late War, where I started out +12.

End game: USSR 20 VP after final scoring.

Map at the end of the game

Summary: I was able to take advantage of some late war volatility and get some more points to ultimately get the 20 VP win. Other than Asia, no region was strong for me, but likewise, none was strong for the US. For a number of reasons I basically settled into a war of attrition after gaining the early edge and hung on. This is not a great strategy in my opinion, because you never know when a series of opponents events will turn this around for them, particularly in the Late War. However, both the cards you are dealt and the plays your opponent makes force you to change up how you would prefer to do things. For example, in turn 7 I drew Fidel, Latin American Death Squads, How I Learned To Stop Worrying, Che AND Central America Scoring. Talk about a recipe for making a big play in the Americas!!! However after headlining LADS Kyle responded with Cuban Missile Crisis which totally took the wind out of my sails!!

I spaced more than I ever have before and it worked out well for me, both VP wise and in managing some of the ugly events that the US has.

Hands: Still no updates to beautify the hand recap display so here are the links:

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