NYC man returns. To victory?

Simpy’s return from NYC sees him taking on the role of the stinking yanks once more (6 games in a row now I’ve rolled red). Did he brush up on his game while away? Learn any new tricks? Read on!

Europe: I headlined Europe scoring on turn 1. As USSR, when I draw Europe without De Gaulle it can be very costly (and obvious) to try and take domination, so I just dumped it for a tie and moved on. US proceeded to take it and hold it for the entire game. It worked out quite well for them, as Special Relationship was played at least twice with NATO in effect!! Easily the biggest pain NATO has ever been to me in a game!

Asia: US drew Asia on turn 2 and scored it for a tie once I got an edge in the race. I proceeded to take control and it was scored for my domination on turns 4, 10 and final scoring. Once again Asia proves to be a point piƱata! I’ve been fortunate enough to be on the plus side of that arrangement for the last few games, and I really find it goes well with my desire for Cold War supremacy!

Middle East: Also scored on turn 2 for a tie. We proceeded to fill out all the countries and it pretty much sat without change for the duration. Easily the least active region in the game. However, much like it seems that every game, whoever controls Asia wins, due to Middle East’s domination vs. presence point differential (5 v. 3 the smallest margin of all regions), having control of the Middle East isn’t as critical.

Map at the end of Early War.

Early War Summary: I leave Early War with a narrow 1 point edge. Not nearly where I like to be, but the scoring cards came before I could settle in. Fortunately I’m (very) well positioned in the Americas (thanks! De-Stalinization!!! Again!!!) I’m not ahead in Africa (yet) but I have big plans!

Africa: I used my coup advantage to start getting work done in Africa. I spread without much opposition and held it for the rest of the game. I made a couple late war re-alignment attempts in South Africa to try and really swing it, no success on that front, so I had to be content with domination.

Central America: My early war coup attempt at Panama resulting in no influence there at all. So after De-Stalinization got me in, I sat tight for a while as we both waited for events to shape our battle plan (Fidel didn’t come until turn 7 again). Despite some jockeying for position it wasn’t a big point factor in the game as it was scored for no domination twice.

South America: Once again I’m setup well down here. US made some good adjustments and kept presence, as well as threatening and scoring it once for a tie. I made coup’s and re-alignments as necessary to counter attempts at trying to take MY region from me, with good success. While I wasn’t able to keep the US out completely for total control, I’m content with how this region played out.

Map at the end of Mid War.

Mid War Summary: The game was quite close for most of Mid War. Turn 7 saw both of my power region’s (Africa and South America) scored so I left Mid War with a good cushion (+15 VP). Other than Central America (the lowest scoring region on the board) I’m happy with my situation.

End Game: Ultimately I won at final scoring at +20 VP.

Map at the end of the game.

Summary: Early war regions are scored the most often in the game (obviously). Middle east doesn’t provide a big scoring advantage and Europe can be tough (and expensive) to hang on to for the whole game (particularly for the USSR). That leaves Asia. Given that domination is often a 4:2 (or better) battleground count, Asia is frequently scored for +6 or +7 VP, making it quite lucrative. Additional bonus points from Southeast Asia Scoring can make Early War control of Asia worth 25-30 VP’s over the course of a game (3 scores x 6 + final scoring 6 + Southeast Asia for +3-6 usually) That’s a ton, and the lack of big bombing events in the region make it fairly stable (Puppet Governments & Decolonization are good, but fairly easily countered if your opponent is already in for control in those countries.) In short: Get Asia!!!

Hands: I’ve made quite a few under-the-hood improvements leading up to a few new tech advances for the site. I’m still going to have to post the hands as boring old links, but it is a good (if partial) improvement over previous posts. It now shows the turns side by side to compare, discards, spaces attempts and coup’s.

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