Humble Pie?

At long last, a return to the defense of the noble capitalist agenda! I am finally rocking the blue die! Can I make the appropriate adjustments and continue domination? Let’s find out!

Europe: USSR played De Gaulle early and Ilet generieke viagra him take France virtually unopposed. This proved to be extremely costly over the course of the game, as I never came close to even tying in Europe. I did make good use of an early played NORAD card, but other than that, Europe was a huge liability for me during the game, not only costing me VPs, but valuable ops in defense to make sure it didn’t end up with USSR control! At one point I actually had to elect to lose West Germany to Blockade rather than discard Alliance for Progress because I was so desperate for VPs!!

Asia: Asia was scored early for a near tie, but went on to USSR domination. I did mount a good Mid-War effort to bring it back to a tie (see previous posts on the difficulty of such an endeavour). Sadly, it was never scored again after those efforts, so they were a non-factor on the scoreboard. However it was encouraging to see that the US can make the occasional comeback attempt in Asia (with appropriate event help obviously).

Middle East: Scored early for a tie, but I quickly lost control here. Initially I was happy with my spread to Saudi Arabia and country count, but I never found an opportunity to make a play at Egypt or Libya to bring it to a tie. Not much action here really as the USSR secured it early and wasn’t threatened often enough.

Map at the end of Early War.

Early War Summary: Rugged. That’s the only polite word I can use to describe my situation at the end of the Early War.

“Entering Mid War at a 14 point deficit is no way to go through life son.” – Jesus (I assume)

Luckily I got 2 VPs from military ops on turn 3 or it would’ve been even worse! Losing in all 3 Early War regions and only barely making headway into the Mid War regions. This situation would shape the course of the game rather dramatically as we would both be scavenging for VPs to stay alive / end the game.

Africa: One of the few bright spots for me in the game (mostly thanks to my 3x spacing of Decolonization!) I held domination almost entirely throughout, with a few USSR attempts that didn’t last. Unfortunately I bungled the scoring of it for a net -1 VP loss for me!!!! I chose to headline Africa Scoring when I drew 2 scoring cards on turn 6 (a tactic I frequently use when drawing more than 1 scoring card). Over recent games I’ve been starting to think that isn’t such a hot idea. It allows your opponent a chance to use whatever card they headlined to possibly swing the region. There aren’t a ton of cards that are commonly headlined that allow this, but there are enough of them, and that is exactly what happened here. USSR headlined CIA Created and made a successful coup of Nigeria to swing it to a +1 VP USSR win instead of a -4 VP loss!! Ouch!!

Central America: This was a tie mostly throughout, with not a ton of action. I held Panama and took Mexico, but not much else. USSR took Cuba as usual, despite me using a new tactic I devised to nullify Fidel. I may have to rethink that tactic :) Central America wasn’t a very big factor in VPs, or in Ops spent trying to take it during this game.

South America: I managed to spread to South America and take 3 of 4 battlegrounds. USSR countered by taking a number of non-battlegrounds and Chile. Again I was stymied in one of the regions that I was looking good in. USSR took advantage of me being under the effect of Quagmire to spread out, and I didn’t have the ops to re-take country count and had to settle for a +2 VP score based on battleground control. Ouch again!!!

Map at the start of Late War / End of game.

Mid War Summary: After leaving Early War in such sorry shape (and a turn 4 headline score) I was very much on the defense. I was scrambling for VP’s throughout, including such drastic measures of letting Blockade go off and using Brush War for ops due to previously playing Flower Power. That last play was particularly painful. I had played Flower Power earlier in the game knowing that it may come back to bite me, but I was truly desperate at the time (-16 VP). Then I drew Brush War which can be a HUGE swing card, but I just couldn’t give the USSR 2 VP, particularly with OPEC looming…

End Game: USSR drew Wargames at 11 VPs and ended it on turn 8.

Game Summary: This game did not go at all as I would like. :) It did, however, provide some interesting lessons. The scoring got as rugged as -18 for me, but I was able to hang on. Only 1 of 10 scoring cards were scored for positive VPs for me (ouch!!!!) That is NOT good and I certainly can’t let that happen again!! It was an interesting look at the value of cards offering non-scoring VPs, and that those cards really shouldn’t be overlooked. I wouldn’t say that I overlooked them previously, but they really did show their value here. That being said, all that scrambling for VPs didn’t leave me in a particularly strong spot to win the game had it continued, but you never know what you will draw next, so sometimes you just have to hang in there!!

“Stay in the game. Eventually your opponent will DEFCON suicide themselves.” – Me

Hands: I’ve finally managed to bring a number of the backend upgrades to bear in a noticeable upgrade. I’m still working on presentation at the time of this posting, but you can view all the hands of the game, with far more extensive detail here: Humble Pie Game. Enjoy!