Tech Update

As part of the features that I started this page with, a complete database of the cards of the game was required. Well, I finally finished up the work required to put a bit of lipstick on the pig, and have added a filterable database to the site.

The list is fully searchable by name, text, ops, war and superpower.

You can access thenew levitra prijzen database via the link “TS Card List” at the top of the page, or by this link I’m pretty happy with how it works, but there a few things that still bug me that I’ll be fixing over time. Suggestions welcome!!

Note: This is my first foray into AJAX programming, so if you run into any problems (such as browser compatibility issues) please let me know.

Also I added some pretty good updates to the game record, including some display fixes, coup roll summary, and the ability to break down the #’s by turn (or turns). It’s still not even close to what I envisioned when I started, but that will take time.

You can see a sample here (of the next game I need to do a write-up of).