Like Coming Home

After the somewhat unusual bout of me rolling USSR 6 times in a row, we decided on a 2-2 swapping schedule. Every 3rd game we switch sides. This allows us to play each side, and then make an adjustment for the next game, before switching back again.

So this game has me back in the role of the Soviets, ready and willing to spread my communist agenda throughout the world…

Europe:I viagra kopen started out strong in Europe by way of the deadly Red Scare / Blockade combo to remove the US from W. Germany. However, Europe had already been scored, and thanks to a Mid War Ask not… discard, Europe was never scored after the first turn (for a tie). There was a bit of struggle for control, but it was largely a non-factor this game. Net VPs: 0

Asia: After a strong opening Iran coup I was able to progress freely into western Asia. However, US control of Vietnam Revolts allowed them to nab Thailand and get a good country count, preventing my Asia domination. Through Mid War the US managed to bludgeon their way west and eventually make a respectable crack at a comeback in Asia! Quite unusual! The scoring card didn’t come at a favorable time for either player, so Asia wasn’t a huge factor on the scoreboard. Net VPS: USSR +1 and USSR +1 for SE Asia.

Middle East: The aforementioned strong opening Iran coup, coupled with Nasser in my opening hand, led me to an nice turn 1 domination in Middle East. I squandered this lead by wasting Muslim Revolution early, and eventually lost my domination. This is particularly wasteful for USSR to do with Opec in the deck. Fortunately before my disgraceful exit, it was scored again for some battleground count VPs. Net VPS: USSR +8

Early War Summary: The US got some event related points to counter my Middle East domination score, but despite the 0 VP score I’m looking pretty great around the world. Good headway into Mid War regions, battleground control in Europe and Asia, and Middle East domination. Obviously I’d prefer to have some points as well, but overall it is a good start!

Board at start of Mid War here

Africa: I took early control of Africa and held it throughout the game. Decolonization is a great start to such an endeavour! :) A couple of US attempts to get back in were rebuffed with prejudice. The only downside was that it was only scored once (for control!). Net VPS: USSR +10

Central America: Unusually action free this game. Panama flip/flopped a couple of times over the course of the game. I was holed up in Cuba for the most part, but by turn 7 and no Central America Scoring yet, I found the time to take a shot at it. There was a bit of back and forth, but it was eventually scored for a tie. Net VPS: 0.

South America: South America was a ghost town for most of the game. It was the only Mid War region to be scored twice, once when there was literally 0 pieces in it. On turn 8 I drew the scoring card and thanks to a strong coup of Brazil was able to spread to domination and secure the victory. Net VPs: USSR +5

End Game Summary: I’m glad the game ended when it did. Despite scoring each region for a tie or better up until late war, I was not looking great. I was now dominated in Asia and the Middle East, and was on the brink of being dominated in Europe as well. While I was strong in the Mid War regions, South America Scoring was now gone for good, Africa is so volatile who can say what would happen there, and I only had a small edge in Central America. Additionally, the US had been rolling so poorly on their coup attempts that they were bound to start rolling good in late war… That’s how math works right? ;)

Board at end game here

Complete game record