Guest Post – A Wise Man Once Said….

… if you can stay in the game long enough, there’s always a chance to win. This wise man (aka Jake, but now known as WM) while very wise, was very tired and made an extreme gamble in a game where he had a good long term outlook. This led to him… well I can’t make a guest blog 3 lines long, so let’s dive into it “Twilight Recap-ish” style.

Note: This game was played on Wargameroom online.

Early War – I picked Mother Russia because I cansimply generieke cialis not beat the WM with USA. However maybe I should try playing him late at night after he has a few ‘pops’.

-The WM wisely played Defectors, however I am on to him and avoid it like the plague so just lost Socialist Governments. Also the WM played NORAD as well, which proved to be VERY annoying. I strongly recommend playing it in turn 1 if you have it as USA.

-Iran coup went well, I was able to score MidEast for +3 at the start of turn two however I didn’t realize progress any further (bad idea) later on. I was only able to score Asia as +2 due to the WM holding it at the start of Turn 3.

-Europe was a +1 score for the Big Red Machine due to battlegrounds, however I was well behind on country count which I was worried about for later in the game.

-We also moved into Mid War regions due to me De-Stal’ing and using Fidel, plus the WM loves to wreak havoc in Mid War regions.

Mid War

-The WM Headlined Grain Sales to Soviets and pulled UN Intervention. **You can not use UN Intervention in the headline phase, but he did steal it away and use the op to control the Defcon (GREAT MOVE nonetheless) . The other problem it created was I still held CIA and would have lost the game myself due to Defcon (don’t ask the WM how many times I have lost due to Defcon, hopefully he has lost track) had he not played Cultural Revolution to bring the China Card back to its’ rightful owner.

-He had Puppet Govts,Colonial Rear Guards (which he played JUST before my Decol), me playing Ask Not (he discarded Blockade, We Will Bury You and Che… ouch!), me having OAS Founded and him having The Voice of America proved to cause a battle royale in Central + South America + Africa. I was dominating in South, WM dominating Central, and Africa was a crazy domination for him as well. My weakness used to be South America but it has now moved to Central + Africa. I think I’m still using De-Stal and De-Col incorrectly. Any comments WM?

-Africa scored for +6 for him ouch, Mid East scored again for a chop (he made a few nice moves to gain the chop), and I still had domination in S.A., he had domination in C.A. and SE Asia would hopefully have been a chop had we scored it…

Turn 6

-As you can tell, I have mentioned a few times that WM is quite the wise man. He constantly is hitting pressure points forcing me to react which makes for a great game but quite often that means me whining about poor rolls, lack of ops or a discrepancy in the cards. BUT…

Headline – I risked it all by headlining Lone Gunman. However how scared can I be with CIA AND Duck And Cover in my hand? I got to see his amazing hand which included ,Ussuri (I had The China Card, and also had Nixon Plays the China Card), Missile Envy and Brezhnev Doctrine (easily played as his last card). He headlined Shuttle Diplomacy

AR 1 – I coup’d Panama with The China Card. Ussuri had me worried but I was more worried about the Defcon Level. Rolled a sweet 2 (see above re: whining) and just lowered it to 2-2. He used Arms Race to take back Panama and regain presence in Columbia (insert whine re: coup rolls for me in Columbia)

AR 2 – What do you know, I coup’d Columbia again. While I don’t have South America Scoring, I would really like to score it as Control or Domination with no presence. Rolled a strong 1 (YES!) and just got him out. He used The Cambridge Five to realign me out of Cuba with just 2 ops… but the key thing is the WM had +2 modifier.

AR 3 – I Bear Trapped myself. WHAT? Why would you do such a thing? Well it was my only 3 op card to take back Cuba. Plus I had one more trick up my sleeve. For his turn, guess what? He used Willy Brandt, yes just another 2 op card and was able to take me fully out yet again. If you’re keeping track, his realignment rolls were 3,6,5,5 against 6,5,5,6. But alas when you have +2 and roll like the BOSS you are, you have no problems kicking me out of Cuba for good. (side note my coup rolls in reverse order from here lately were 1,2,2,1,3…but if you’re anything like the WM you want me to stop whining now).

AR 4 – I discard Our Man in Tehran (GTFO) and end the trap with a roll of 1. NOTE: When you roll 1s and 2s so consistently why not Bear Trap yourself? The WM plays back into Columbia + throws 1 in Cuba.

AR 5 USSR – I give up 2 VPS with Nixon Plays the China Card and roll a 5. Finally

Columbia and South America are mine. Now to deal with Central America’s looming Control…..

AR 5 USA – The WM is tired from working or writing TS blogs or yard work having dinner and a few ‘pops’ and says to me via chat: “This may be a gamble but I’m tired”. If you wish to play TS well, you should be ready for 2-3 hours of time (or 4 hours if you play against me). He’s sitting pretty in quite a few areas and has a nice hand ready to do some extreme damage. He plays Missile Envy and receives my highest op card, aka: my trick up my sleeveDuck And Cover.

Game ends due to Defcon and the end board had me at +5 heading into Turn 7 with Central (probably control for him and presence for me), South America (hopefully Domination vs. no presence) and SE Asia (most likely a chop).

For Twilight rookies -> Avoid Defcon losses as much as possible. Keep track of which Defcon cards have been played, which are eligible (nice to have CIA Created when midwar regions aren’t in play), who has The China Card, can you space the Defcon card? And lastly is the wise person you are playing going to cause you to discard or steal a card from you?

For all Twilight Struggle Players – We both feel a little salty taking a Defcon win. It feels cheap and it’s easy for the other player to blame their loss on a number of items. HOWEVER, take the win! Especially when you’re playing a good player, you made it happen and you may not win again for some time. (see WM’s previous post regarding “the Lost Game“).

This is the second Defcon loss for Jake lately. Is the Wise Man not listening to his own advice? Or is the Wise Man tired due to working on a project of epic proporTionS?