Sweet Justice

It was a balmy spring evening when my good friend kfsimpso decided to tempt fate once more… He was stepping up to the big dance and riding high off his previous victory. But he would pay dearly for his hubris… A broken man left here that night, a man with many questions, and few answers.

This is the tale of his deconstruction.

Europe: Asia was scored early, so a fair amount of points were spent in Europe. Kyle took France for the battleground edge, but my ops combined with the early war USSR event’s that give me points in eastern Europe allowed me to have a pretty nice country count. I drew Europe Scoring twice and headlined it both times (so I wouldn’t have to deal with it…) Kyle got +1VP once and Defectors nullified it another time. Total non-factor in this game.

Asia: I opened the game with The Cambridge Five (which I liked so much I did it later in the game as well). Seeing Kyle’s Asia Scoring in hand I was able to charge ahead into Asia after a successful coup of Iran. I had Indo-Pakistani War in my opening hand so that I could expand aggressively without fear. He scored it early for a tie after seeing that he wouldn’t be able to catch up. As both of our attentions (mostly) shifted to Europe and the Middle East, I continued to put spare (and non-spare) points into Asia. It was a lesson learned (the hard way) from my previous game. Once Asia has been dominated it can be tough to bring back without serious commitment of ops and events (such as Colonial Rear Guards, leaving a tough choice of Asia v. Africa).

Middle East: The Middle East was a draw most of the game, with me controlling Iran, Iraq and Saudi Arabia. Kyle controlling Israel, Egypt and Libya. However a mid-war push (with help from Nasser) to de-stabalize Egypt turned out to be critical in the game ending turn 6.

Early War Summary: It was a pretty strong early war for me. Not much on the scoreboard, but lockdown in Asia, tied (but well positioned) in Europe, and tied but nothing too rosy in the Middle East. Additionally I was progressing well into the Americas (De-stalinization!!!). Africa wasn’t as good, but at least the countries I had weren’t 1 stability (notably Botswana, aka “The key to Africa” – JFK)

Map at the start of Mid War

Africa: I had a reasonable amount of influence in Africa at the start of Mid War, but not a ton of control. I made a point of taking the 1 stability countries where possible when placing ops in other places. Leading the way up the “Africa Trail” (self coined!!!) is a nice luxury as your opponent must seriously commit to catch up. There was a brief scare when Kyle played Colonial Rear Guards while I had Africa Scoring in hand!!! Africa was only scored once, but it was for my domination which was a nice bump.

Central America: I was holed up in the north east of Central America. I couldn’t ever find the ops to commit here and it showed. Somehow I went the whole game without even 1 coup attempt in Panama… This was a fairly hotly contested area as Kyle tried to remove me completely, and at one point re-aligned me right out of Cuba. My 1 point in Haiti allowed me re-entry but it was dicey for a few rounds!

South America: I’ve already written GMT games and asked for South America to be formally renamed to “Jake’s Wheelhouse” (sup ;) ). Thanks to an easy jump start I was able to slowly stretch out and control in South America. I proceeded with caution to avoid providing juicy coup targets, and was largely unopposed. Kyle made some in-roads, but by having a cluster of supporting countries I was able to successfully re-align him (mostly) out.

Turn 6 / end-game: At the start of turn 6 everything was right with the world. We’re nearing the end of the mid-war deck and I’m looking good in a few regions, and at-worst tied in others. Given the state of the game, when I drew Lone Gunman I decided to headline it rather than eventually use it for 1 op and and hope Kyle gets it later (and has to deal with it). Coincidentally it was my only USSR card, and a 1 op to boot (other than We Will Bury You which I wanted to keep in case I needed the ops) so I went for it. Paydirt! Kyle was stuck with a fairly rugged hand that included 3 scoring cards. I knew the America’s scoring cards were still out there but had (frankly) forgotten about Middle East Scoring. The fact that he held Nuclear Subs allowed him to make a comeback attempt, but having 3 scoring cards, particularly when not ahead in those regions, is a SUPER rough draw… Given his hand, I played We Will Bury You as my opener to degrade the DEFCON and gain 3VP to get me closer to victory! ABM Treaty in hand sealed the deal as I was able to coup and keep my stranglehold on South America (remember?).

Summary: I feel I played a pretty strong game here. Kyle’s final draw was somewhat salty for him, but I was well positioned to take advantage of it. TS is a harsh mistress my friend :)

Map at the end of turn 6 / the game.

Final Result: +20 VP USSR

Hands: I have been working a lot on some twilightrecap.com backend, and have plans for better presentation of the hands of a game, but it is not yet complete, so here are links to the cards we played, in the order we played them.

Kyle Jake
Turn 1 Turn 1
Turn 2 Turn 2
Turn 3 Turn 3
Turn 4 Turn 4
Turn 5 Turn 5
Turn 6 Turn 6